Our new laser collimator LC12-micro is especially suitable for fork light barriers and many other applications in the industrial automation because of its very small measures.

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Low Cost Mini-Laser-Collimator

We developed special miniature collimators for cramped spaces. They are only 4,5mm in diameter and have an axial aberration of 0.14°. The length is 8mm. A glass lens avoids temperature drift.

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Laser-Collimator / Laser Module STL01

Data sheet
Our program covers laser beam collimators to generate a laser beam. These special collimators can be used for  laser levels, for instance.  By customer-specific production we can offer most sizes.
New laser collimators have been developed to ensure optimum illumination and high resolution of the opto-sensors over large distances between the object and the sensor. They consist of an optical system and a laser diode in a compact unit.